Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Back from ULI Fall 2010

The Wisconsin Real Estate delegation of students and staff is back in Madison after a successful visit to Washington, DC for the Fall 2010 meeting of the Urban Land Institute. Having attended the show for a long time, we decided this year to set up a booth in the expo hall as well. And we're so glad we did! Not only did we attend some very informative sessions, we had a central gathering point for alumni, board members, prospective employers, potential students and more. Wisconsin Real Estate was well represented at the show!

Some members of our board of advisors attended the ULI Foundation's retreat where even ULI's CEO Patrick Phillips sported Wisconsin Real Estate red!

Maybe that was the extra karma needed to help put the Badgers over the Buckeyes last weekend--the lead-up to the game was a hot topic of conversation at the show.

If you didn't have a chance to stop by our booth or join the Center's and WREAA's reception or even if you didn't attend the show, we'd like to connect with you. Bookmark this blog, sign up for our monthly newsletter (via Constant Contact), follow us on Facebook or Twitter--whatever you prefer!

On Wisconsin!

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