Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Graaskamp's research still relevant today

As the city of Madison considers the development of rail transportation, reporter Marc Eisen at the weekly Isthmus looked to the work of James A. Graaskamp, specifically to a study he did of the east and west rail corridors 27 years ago.

The legendary Jim Graaskamp, aka "The Chief," was a leader and innovator in real estate research, and his work is still relevant today. Thanks to the support of the Wisconsin Real Estate Alumni Association (WREAA) and the Counselors of Real Estate (CRE) and the tireless work of our faculty associate Sharon McCabe and others, Graaskamp's work has been preserved and made available online.

"James Graaskamp was a visionary in the real estate industry. His market research and valuation analysis were ahead of their time," said McCabe.

The Digital James A. Graaskamp Landmark Research Collection includes reports, appraisals, market and feasibilty studies as well as other types of research and analysis.

Click to visit the University of Wisconsin Digital Collections to learn more about the pioneering and timeless work of real estate icon James A. Graaskamp.

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