Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Speaking the facts at the Wisconsin Real Estate and Economic Outlook Conference June 4th

Our annual conference on Wisconsin real estate and the economy is coming up on Friday June 4th. The theme is "Navigating the Credit Crunch: What's Ahead for Wisconsin?"--a must for housing and real estate professionals, government and non-profit professionals, builders and developers, housing finance professionals and anyone interested in community development. You can review the agenda and register online at our website at bus.wisc.edu/whc2010.

Today we talked with Associate Professor Morris Davis, former Federal Reserve economist now at now UW-Madison real estate and urban land economics, about the conference keynote speaker David Altig, director of research at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.

"David is a great economist, highly regarded as one of the best economists in the Fed.

He will likely talk about what the recovery will look like, how quickly the Fed will tighten monetary policy (the so-called "exit strategy") and about what's going on in Europe.

He and his colleagues write a great blog: Macroblog, which if you aren't already reading, you should. David speaks the facts as best we know them and communicates them without a lot of "gobbledygook."

He'll tell people the way things are, the way he sees it. He's a really good guy!"

Don't miss David and the rest of the amazing lineup of speakers at this year's conference. Register by Thursday May 27th at www.bus.wisc.edu/whc2010.

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