Thursday, March 15, 2012

Reporting from MIPIM: Risk Aversion

Reporting from MIPIM:

François Ortalo-Magné, Albert O. Nicholas Dean of the Wisconsin School of Business, gave the keynote wrap-up address at MIPIM this year. Alongside Mark Roberts, Global Head of Research for RREEF, Ortalo-Magné spoke on the key themes heard at MIPIM during the conference.

One of the key points of Ortalo-Magné's talk was that throughout the conference, a general theme of risk aversion, with a focus on stable returns was consistently heard. Cities that were promoting themselves at MIPIM utilized this message in selling themselves as low-risk investment locales. This was a far cry from the dynamism with which cities had previously marketed themselves at MIPIM.

Levels of risk were a dominant theme of conversations in the MIPIM halls. "What has been striking this year at MIPIM is that major cities are using their low-risk credentials as a selling point to international investors," noted Francois Ortalo-Magne, Albert O. Nicholas Dean of Wisconsin School of Business. "It used to be that the cities would sell themselves as exciting and dynamic markets, now the low-risk card is being played to the maximum."

PR Newswire picked up Ortalo-Magné's comments regarding the nature of how cities are pursuing real estate investment and posted on their website.

For the full presentation from the wrap-up keynote, click here.

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