Thursday, March 8, 2012

Reporting from MIPIM: Day 3: A Political Perspective on the Euro Crisis

The Wisconsin School of Business is proud to partner with MIPIM World to bring you updates and developments from the show. Bashar Elayyan (MBA '13) reports on the official blog on his experiences and takeaways from Day 3.

Bonjour from Cannes!

Day three of MIPM is nearly over, and it remains a beehive of activity in what is currently the de facto center of the real estate universe. I had more time to walk about the booths today and I can inform you that it is a dazzling carnival of renderings, animations, techie pavilions and shiny models. You are enveloped and bombarded by a mosaic of competing ambitious projects screaming for your attention. Your eyes simply can’t have enough of this feast of monumental aspirations that radiate national pride.

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