Tuesday, March 16, 2010

MIPIM 2010: Diversity of markets and opportunities in Asia

Wisconsin Real Estate MBAs report from MIPIM 2010:

Tuesday March 16
Panel: Trends in Asian Pacific Property Markets

Distinctive real estate markets exist in Asia Pacific—from advanced Japan, sophisticated Korea to central Singapore and nascent Vietnam—offering a diversity of investment opportunities and portfolio options. Japanese assets in an Asian portfolio can offer stability and value due to re-pricing over the last two years. A relative newcomer to international investment, Korea’s experience in the Asian crisis of the 90’s left the country largely unexposed to the current financial crisis. Singapore was not so fortunate, but large-scale government intervention as well as the private sector’s trust in the economic fundamentals has led to an early bounce-back. Real estate development in Vietnam is “still in its infancy,” but increased tourism and changing cultural patterns are driving demand for hotel and residential properties.

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