Wednesday, March 17, 2010

MIPIM 2010: What architecture can and cannot do for evolving cities

Wisconsin Real Estate MBAs report from MIPIM 2010:

Panel: My Architect(s)

Six noted and respected architects, including Daniel Libeskind, Bernado Fort-Brescia and Manuelle Gautrand, discussed the role of architecture in our changing cities. Architecture cannot change the trend in population growth but can address it via increased density in urban development. Building "up" isn't the only answer, regulations in many areas require lower or low-rise buildings. Libeskind emphasized that people need to take some risks and also stated that we cannot modify the past. Cities (government) should understand that just because the transformation is unprecedented, people shouldn’t shy away from it. Matthias Sauerbruch thought that people should think long term – then change will establish itself.

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