Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Icons are made not built, at MIPIM 2011

More from MIPIM 2011 Day 2:

Real estate developers and architects may not always be the happiest of bedfellows, but the architects' keynote panel at MIPIM is always a highlight, providing a jolt of starpower.

This year's focus was on "Iconic Architecture for the 21st Century." Icons exist, but they are not built--and shouldn’t be designed with the idea of being an icon in mind. Icons are created over time. And icons are needed to create connections between people on a fundamental, emotional level. If a building can connect with people, than people can create stories about that city, place, and time. So it is people who create icons, not architects. But an architect who is open to the needs of a space for interactivity can create possibilities, the places where people can connect with one another. Ultimately it is the people who come to "own" these spaces.

Ancient architecture are easy iconic examples, but what about modern icons? What contemporary spaces do you think have reached iconic status? Share your examples in the comments below.

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