Tuesday, March 8, 2011

MIPIM 2011: New Europe: not east or west but north and south

Wisconsin MBA students in real estate attended today's major panel sessions at MIPIM. The major story from the one of the last of Tuesday's sessions: "Central Europe: Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold?" was the strength of the investment environment in Poland:

Europe is no longer classified as East and West, but rather North and South. And Northern Europe is emerging with an attractive investment environment.

Poland--specifically Warsaw--has seen a lot of activity, particularly large infrastructure improvements being built for Euro 2012 (the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship). Plus favorable cap rates, interest rates, and afforable debt in Warsaw have created a friendly real estate environment. Poland has earned a spot on the target country list for large institutional real estate investors.

Our coverage of the sessions at MIPIM continues tomorrow, so bookmark the Wisconsin Real Estate Viewpoint. And be sure to visit MIPIM World blog for video and other exclusive content.

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