Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Putting the village back in the city: first sessions at MIPIM 2011

The Wisconsin Real Estate Program is in Cannes, France at MIPIM this week. Our delegation of real estate MBA students and faculty is reporting the news from the program sessions here on the Viewpoint blog.

The first report we've received is from Mayor of London Boris Johnson's keynote:

Addressing a packed auditorium today to deliver the keynote address, entitled "London: City of Regeneration," London Mayor Boris Johnson began by highlighting the city's recent successes--notably the 2012 Olympics--as well as the developments in Stratford City and the London Bridge Quarter. Other city improvement projects (on full display in the London tent outside the Palais) included the redevelopment of the Royal Docks and the introduction of a cable car spanning the Thames. Mayor Johnson made it a priority to highlight London's forward-looking strategy by discussing the city's "greening" and bike-share programs. He stressed the importance of being a "trusting" city where citizens are not subjected to high theft or crime. This idea goes hand in hand with the mayor's goal to "put the village back in the city," creating a greater sense of community while focusing on longevity of life and stronger education. "The city is the single greatest invention of our society," he noted, making sure attendees at this year's MIPIM understood the legacy that they are part.

The Wisconsin School of Business is proud to partner with MIPIM World to bring you updates and developments from the show.

We'll have more on today's sessions on www.wisconsinviewpoint.blogspot.com.

Video via MIPIM World. For more coverage from the day's sessions, bookmark our blog and visit MIPIM World.

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